Achieve Possibility, Optimize Your Health, Create Enduring Change

Do these goals hit home?

Less stress and more direction
A better balance of family and work
Stronger relationships
A clear plan for better health and fitness
A plan and a map for your best life

We all have life goals and dreams.  Getting there, maintaining the vision and the momentum, holding ourselves accountable and balancing everything else on our plate, staying true to our own unique values and prioritiesthese are the challenges.

Enduring Change Coaching was founded by Melissa McCreery, Ph.D. to provide quality personal life and wellness coaching. My goal is to help you create and live your highest quality life.  I work with you to identify your specific goals, your specific strengths and talents, and your unique path to those goals.

Are you struggling to stay on track, striving to move to the next level, or looking to develop a solid plan of action?

Personal Coaching can be a powerful tool for:

1.Individuals seeking increased happiness and success in personal and professional relationships
2.Individuals who want to get off the diet roller coaster and get on with their lives
3.Individuals approaching major life events or hurdles
4.Professionals striving to create a balance between home and work
5.Individuals with specific health goals

Are you living the life you want to live?

1.Creating your highest quality life
2.Achieve better life / work balance
3.Proactively face life challenges and transitions
4.Enhance your level of wellness and health

Personal coaching provides a unique environment to achieve profound and lasting attainment of your goals.

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