What is Coaching?

Coaching is a powerful relationship that helps individuals make enduring, positive changes.

Coaching is about meeting your goals and enhancing your well-being—helping you create and live exactly the life you want. 

The coaching relationship is uniquely defined for you individually in order to meet the goals and objectives you bring to coaching.

As your personal coach, Melissa McCreery:

Helps you clarify your goals and identify a path towards success that utilizes your strengths
Listens without judgment
Helps maintain momentum
Holds you accountable
Celebrates your successes

Coaching is not therapy:

People often wonder how coaching differs from psychotherapy or counseling.  Psychotherapy or counseling involves the diagnosis and treatment of mental health issues.  The focus is usually on healing emotional wounds with a significant focus on understanding your emotional history—the past.

Coaching is action oriented and forward moving.  It's about opening possibilities and getting unstuck.  You set the agenda and Melissa helps you identify how to best target your strengths towards creating the life you want.  

If you are interested in life or wellness coaching, please email  to schedule a free consultation and to discuss coaching further.

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