Are you sick of yo-yo dieting?

Do you weigh yourself once a day (or more)?

Do you spend more time thinking about food and diet then you spend thinking about your life?

1. Weight loss battles (and I DO mean battles) create a major energy drain and can prevent you from living your best life.

2. For many women, making peace with food is a crucial step in getting on with their life and creating the life they want to live.

I work with people to create their best version of their life and for some that means addressing the food craziness.

I help people get off the diet-weight loss roller coaster and create a mindful, conscious relationship with food.  When people do that they can move on to the really important things.

Diet's don't work—they just keep people dieting (and gaining and losing and bingeing and miserable).  Making peace with food not only allows people to begin eating normally again, it really allows you to get on with your life without food and weight and eating decisions swallowing way-too-much of your energy.

Mindful eating is a term used to describe a way of eating which uses internal cues about hunger, appetite and fullness to guide our relationship with food.  We listen to our body to know what and when we need to eat.  Dieting, restricting and counting calories or fat grams and focusing on weight are not components of mindful eating.

Mindful eaters eat when they are hungry and stop when they are satisfied.  They eat the foods that they are hungry for.  There is no list of "good" or "bad" foods.

Mindful eating is how people who have a healthy relationship with food, who don't struggle with weight, and who don't diet have been eating all along.

Starting with mindful eating creates a ripple effect--like throwing a pebble into a pond

If we can learn to slow down and be mindful of our eating, learn to recognize and respond to our hunger cues and cravings (no small tasks!), we realize that most of the time when we are obsessing about food, we aren't really hungry. When we can figure out what to be mindful of and what to do instead of focusing on food, the ripples lead most people to lives where food takes up so much less time and energy and our minds are freed up to do much more powerful things.

I see people who tackle mindful eating grow and expand in so many different ways when they are no longer trapped in the food-diet craziness.  It’s so powerful that it’s become a major area in which I work with people.

Copyright 2006 by Melissa McCreery, PhD. All rights reserved.