How Coaching Works:

Coaching can take place in person; however, coaching more commonly occurs over the phone.  This is more time-effective for you and allows you to participate in coaching from your home or office, anywhere in the world, at a pre-arranged coaching appointment time.  Appointments are usually weekly and are typically twenty-five minutes, although it is possible to tailor the length and frequency of calls to meet your needs.  We may exchange emails between calls to check in on goals or assignments you are working on. 

We begin coaching by carefully exploring your goals and identifying the style or approach that works best for you, targeting your strengths and assessing potential roadblocks.  Coaching helps you to develop a plan that you have confidence in and provides you individualized help and support as you implement it.


Coaching is a confidential relationship.  As your goals and objectives are identified, my commitment is to helping you achieve the results you want—in the ways that will work best for you.  I work to ensure that you continue to move in the direction you desire, while maintaining the life balance that you need.  Coaching is a nonjudgmental process.  Missteps and “back-sliding” are opportunities to learn and reorganize, not fodder for criticism or guilt.

Change is complicated.  We all wax and wane in our motivation.  Some of the most powerful progress in coaching occurs during the “rough periods.”  Working through discouragement or “stuck-ness” teaches us incredible lessons about our own strengths.  It is not uncommon to begin coaching with a great deal of motivation and then enter a slump after several weeks.  For this reason, I ask you to consider making an initial three-month commitment.  This is not required, but many find it helpful.

Payment for coaching is made in advance, on a monthly basis and may be made by check or credit card.  I will discuss coaching options and fees with you in your initial consultation call.

If you are interested in personal coaching, please email to schedule a free telephone consultation so that we can discuss how coaching might meet your needs.

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